Capron Ridge is built on high ground and high design principles. The result is a unique residential community in a natural setting to be enjoyed by families, singles, professionals, empty nesters, and retirees.

Capron ridge has roots in Florida history. The Capron-Hernandez Trail, which was the first improved military trail from St. Augustine to Fort Pierce, was cleared along the ridge line. Completed in 1837 by Brigadier General Joseph M. Hernandez, this historical trail probably followed a trail used by the Indians and was used later by the early settlers moving south.

Today, Capron Ridge is one of the most outstanding places to live in Brevard County with its blend of natural environmental preserves and six distinctive complementary communities. The theme is old Irish, and the names for the streets and communities were chosen from places in Ireland.

The natural beauty of the preserved environmental areas is enjoyed throughout the development. Natural landscaped buffers are enhanced with native plants providing visual buffers.

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Twenty-two acres of upland habitat has been deeded to Brevard County for the management of the increasing population of Scrub Jays and Gopher Tortoises as well as other wildlife species. The developerís objective of building an outstanding residential community that provides for an active lifestyle within a natural environmental setting has been successfully achieved.
The shoreline of the 15-acre lake meanders in and around natural environmental areas as well as exceptional homesites. The abundance of fish in the lake attracts many species of birds. The 8-foot wide promenade sidewalk allows one to stroll along over a quarter mile of the frontage of the lake.

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